SpellBytes International Olympiad 2023

SpellBytes International Olympiad 2023 is a hybrid mode of spelling bee competition for all students who wish to test their vocabulary, logical, analytical, and problem-solving abilities.

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Highlights of

SpellBytes International Olympiad
2023 are,

Global Competition

Due to the hybrid nature of the competition, contestants are from all around the World.

Exciting prizes for
all winners

All winners and top performers will be rewarded with assured gifts, alongside additional prizes for their outstanding performance.

Proven Success

As the creators of the highly regarded International Abacus Olympiad, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise.

Interactive Learning

Enjoy interactive modules, practice quizzes, and word games in the portal that make learning spelling enjoyable and effective.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from our team of experienced educators and language experts who have designed our comprehensive coaching materials.

Comprehensive Study

From word lists to spelling patterns, we provide you with the essential tools to sharpen your spelling skills.

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cartoon image of a woman, portraying a teacher, teaching spelling bee.

Who can participate?

Anyone can register for the SpellBytes International Olympiad. You will be competing with your appropriate age wise category. All participants can directly enrol for the competition on the SpellByte’s official website (www.wizycom.com)

How do we practice for the competition?

We have a well-structured and systematic learning and activity program for SpellBytes contestants and general language learners. It is designed to assist you in building a strong vocabulary with a wide variety of engaging and interactive study modules. Once you register for the competition, you get free access to the SpellBytes e-learning portal until the date of the examination.

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SpellBytes International Olympiad FAQs

Anyone can participate above the age of 6 years.

No, There are 10 different category exams based on the age of the contestant.

Yes. You get free unlimited mock test and free subscription to our SpellBytes e- learning portal after registration.

Log in to exam.wizycom.com with the registered credentials.

You will get an email confirmation on registration after which you can login to exam.wizycom.com with the registered credentials

For every correct answer, you'll be awarded 1 mark, and for every wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted, meaning you'll lose 1 mark for 4 wrong answers. You'll not lose marks for not attempting.

The results will be published on the official website.

Yes. Participants from 75+ countries are competing.

It will be of 15 minutes duration.

Total 50 questions will be there in each category.

It will boost your self-esteem, your communicating and public speaking abilities, and your potential to thrive under pressure and the list is never ending.

Yes. All participants will get certificate and exciting prizes.

Self-paced learning, personalized instruction, Variety of materials, The portal may also use advanced technology, such as speech recognition software, to help you improve your pronunciation.

The portals usually have a range of materials varying according to the grade of the student, from beginner to advanced level, so that users can start from where are comfortable.

It is a self-learning portal so everyone can learn it according to their grade. Expert assistance will be provided to the portal members.

Currently, we don’t have an App for the portal. We have a web application so everyone can access the portal irrespective of iOS and Android.

24/7 customer service will be provided internationally. We have a strong technical team working all time shifts. So we will be ready to help at any cost and time.

Yes, there are unlimited practice sessions available. There is a customized dictation module available in the SpellBytes portal. For every grade, there will be 5 examinations.

Each level is categorized according to the grade of the child.

Yes. After the successful completion of each grade, we will be providing the certificate.