Progress Tracking

One of the biggest feature of spell bytes is its tracking the learners progress. It gives upto date alerts of your targets, milestones achieved, live scores etc. The personalised dashboard can take you to these words, so that you can always revise those words that are added into your vocabulary counter.

Supports American and British Words

Spellbytes is one of the rarest online spelling bee provider that allows students to select either American or British spelling mode. We use Merriam-webster dictionary for the American words and Oxford dictionary for the British words. Merriam Webster if the officially recommended one for Scripps National spelling bee and Oxford dictionary has been recommended in most of the International competitions held in Europe and Asian Countries. It is important for you to select the correct region where you belongs to, which will allow our system to provide you the appropriate words.

Set Targets and Milestones

SpellBytes provides the feature to set the targets based on your learning pace and many evaluation reports and alerts are given to keep you updated and motivated.

Learning History & Reports

All the learning journey is recorded and students can review the words which are rightly placed in the corresponding lists. This ensures students to review words which they have spelled it incorrectly or any flagged challenging or confusing words.

Age-wise Word List

All the words are very well categorised by our panel of experts with their years of experience in the teaching arena. Students can move upto higher grades upon completing their existing level. All the words are filtered to make sure that no age inappropriate words are not served to students.

Add-on Interactive Word & Language Games

To make the learning more interesting and effective, many other add-ons game modules are given. These modules provides different exercises to improve your knowledge on English language.


This module allows you to take part in a game that is entertaining and worthy at the same time.

image of a screen with robotic face depicting spelling bee games interface
  • Speller’s requests: These are the clues which the speller can ask to the gaming engine. These are the same requests which are normally allowed in International spell bee competitions. Spellbytes currently supports these requests.
    • Definition of a word
    • Origin of a word
    • Usage (temporarily NA, will be restored)
    • Part of speech
  • Time based- Users will be given 2 minutes and 30 seconds to provide the correct spelling. Within this time, students can refer all available options like definition, origin or part-of-speech.
  • At any point of time, students can refer the correct answer, incase if they do not want to answer the word. These words will be marked into the wrong words for further scrutiny.
  • My words- Herein, students can view all words he/she has gained into the vocabulary box. It is important to track these words and students are encouraged to use the same on their day to day contexts.
  • Weak words- This is a special section where students can view all the words which are either wrongly spelled or skipped.
  • Flagged words- Students are given the option to flag the words incase if they want to review this as separate. These words may have confusing words, words with irregular spelling or words which needs further lookup.

A new word is like a live seed sown on the ground of discussion.

Boy holding letters A & Z, encouraging English language learning.


One of the most popular contest in America, National Spelling Bee conducted by Scripps has a history of many decades. Spelling Bytes’ special module encourages students to virtually play the spell B game either grade wise or year wise. A collection of scripps academic spelling words of 10+ years are organised in a virtual gaming format. Students can go through this module and learn the words that are given by the Scripps academic committee from the year 2009 to 2018.

Spellbytes provides a virtual competition with scripps words and the detailed review is given for each sections. This will help to evaluate the student performance and their strength and weaknesses.

cartoon image of kids’ reading and letters ABC of spelling bee.


This module is used to create custom based quiz modules where a parent or teacher can assign a test for the student. They can import (either type the words or copy paste together) words and create a spelling bee test. This module is widely used in school logins where a test is prepared and is delivered to a bulk of students. A detailed test results on dictation module is available for further evaluation and is saved for future references.

cartoon images of kids and them playing with English letters.


This module is used to make words by using the letter of another word in different order. The number of letters in the new word can be same or less than the original word. The words thus formed should be meaningful.

Cartoon images of men and women reading spelling bee books and images of Spelling books.


In this module, a story is first selected from the given list and then proper words entered in the blanks given. The pronunciation of the word can be heard by clicking on the audio button. If any help needed, click on the definition button.

representation of dices with letters to form English words and a small container.


This module is used to find as many words as possible from the letters given in the grid. The letters must be adjoining either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The words formed should have atleast 3 letters.

poster where ‘Antonyms’ is written in bold to introduce new vocabulary.


This module is used to find the words with opposite meanings. Click on the word with most contrast meaning from the given list of words.

poster with competitive spelling bee words written on it.


This module is used to separate the most basic part of the word without any prefix or suffice attached to it.

cartoon image of a kid and two books for spelling learning.


This module is used to find the words with similar meanings. Click on the word with most related meaning from the given list of words.

a prefix and suffix poster related to learning English language.


This module is used for creating a new word by adding a word or a group of words before the root word called Prefix of the word. Similarly, Suffix are word or a group of words added after the root word to make a totally new word with a new meaning.