The Spelling of Success

A brief look at how to prepare for a Spelling Bee competition

So what does it take to win a spelling bee competition?

Does winning it require an extra large brain, photographic memory, IQ levels that touch the sky, be in a genepool of geniuses, supernatural powers or to be more realistic - Drill words into your head all day long?

Well, it would help to have one of these abilities but from what we’ve seen, experienced and researched, we strongly believe it all comes down to - “The art of practice”.  Yes, this is for us normal boys and girls, who have the will but ironically not the way to reach our goal.

You would have heard it a hundred times - “Practice makes a man perfect”.  But have you ever wondered then why the world is not filled with perfectly skilled people?

And that’s because it’s not about just practicing, it’s about practicing right and most importantly, being consistent. People either end up practicing in the wrong direction or giving it up because it can be mundane.

So, how does one practice on cracking the spelling bee words?

Remove your mental roadblocks

The first and most important thing is to acknowledge you CAN be a spelling bee champion. Yes, YOU WILL BE A CHAMPION.


The next step would be to get the study list of probable words that would be asked in the spelling bee competition. If there are no lists provided, you can always find the commonly used words online. This way, you get a headstart in your preparation.

Cracking the patterns

Understanding the etymology of words is highly critical. Words that originate from different regions have a specific pattern that they follow. Root words, sounds, diatrics all form a part of this.

The Outliers

There’s always an exception, isn’t there? And it’s no less different when it comes to words and spellings. Find those exceptions!

Know your lifelines

There are different clues that you can ask in a spelling bee competition. Know these rules and base your learning in such a way that can help you reap benefits from these clues.

Finding an ally

Having someone read out words, and spelling it out to them is a good way to practice. Spelling bee competitions in the end is a stage where you have to perform and having mock performances will help you a great deal.

So, how does one go about doing all of this in an organized manner and not just by sitting with one’s head buried in a book? You need to select a spelling bee app that follows these basic principles, and let’s you focus only on learning the words and not in devising a strategy.

Bless Technology!

Identifying a spelling app or an online spelling learning tool is also critical as it will aid you with your practice and will help you stay organized in your efforts. Look for a tool that has the above basic tips ingrained into their module and has a vast knowledge bank.

So, this is the ground work that would get you started towards your journey of being a champion in a renowned spelling bee competition.


Arjun Valiyaparambil

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