AbacusMaster is a flagship brand under Wizycom Nurture group which focuses on delivering quality driven Abacus education. Started in 2011, our company quickly grew in 30+ countries and became one of the fastest-growing Abacus franchises in the world. Today, AbacusMaster centers serve 50,000 children each year in 300+ locations Worldwide.

A whole new concept in the field of brain training that uses a bottom-up approach, focusing on improving theelemental building blocks of perceptual speed and attention in higher cognitive functions, such as memory,concentration and visualisation. To make the program more interactive and effective, we’ve introduced many othermodules including Spelling Bee, WizyPuzzle, Brain Gym, Edu games etc. that target every major system of the brain and supports the entire learning cycle, grounded in research about how children learn best.

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Make Your Kid
a Math Genius

AbacusMaster learning centers provide an appealing and welcoming learning environment where our student receives both instruction and practice by the trained teachers.
A brand that is trusted worldwide

A global brand serving more than 50,000 students in 300+ centers spanned across 30+ Countries.

24 x 7 support & guidance

All our franchises receives best support and guidance throughout their enterpreneurship journey.

Low investment - High Return model

Sustainable and unique model with extraordinary financial opportunities to change lives of children.

Unique Features

Interactive Learning Portal With Individual Login

The interactive learning portal is Wizycom’s flagship product for enhanced learning experience and all AbacusMaster students will get free access to its basic features. The portal is a complete learning and activity solution that combines expertise insights with latest technology advancements to deliver a personalised learning experience that is more advanced, accessible and improves student outcomes.

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Quality Driven Continuous Training & Mentoring

You will start with 2 day session of online interactive Abacus training once the franchise allocation process has been completed. This is done in the comfort of your home and will prepare you for Abacus training. You will be asked to nominate a person (can nominate upto 2 people) as trainer or the franchise owner can be the master trainer.

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Centralised Management Portal for Center Management

This administration portal is available for all the AbacusMaster franchise centres. With this, it is easy to manage the students enrolled at your centre. It helps to organise and manage training resources and can manage the complete franchise operations including the registration of Student, fee management, customised reports, online Abacus exams, visualization practice and complete Abacus training.

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Materials and Learning Kits For Each Student
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Centralised Online Assessment & Certification

Another highlight of Abacus Master Franchise is its Online exams. Unlike other Abacus training institutes, we host online exams after every levels which shall be monitored centrally. Exams are conducted after the completion of each level. This online exam facility is available via the trainer’s portal. The marks scored by the student can be recorded centrally and the progress report shall be printed at any given time. Upon successful completion of each level exam/ assessment, certificates will be issued by us.

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